Ring electric motors to ensure the drive of cranes and conveyors at the best prices

ring electric motor

Ring electric motors are a special category of electric motors, which you can recognize at first sight by their design. We have prepared a short guide to ring electric motors for you, thanks to which you will find out how ring electric motors can be used and how to find your way in this direction.

What are specific ring electric motors?

The basic equipment of each ring electric motor are the so-called slip rings through which the rotor windings are connected. These support a high starting torque even at lower currents, which is the biggest advantage of these electric motors. Compared to other electric motors, they also have more windings and so they can create a higher induced voltage at a relatively low current.

ring electric motor
Ring electric motors

You will recognize ring electric motors mainly by their longer and robust construction, which can be modified so that the ring electric motor is also suitable for demanding and dangerous environments.

Thanks to the principle of their operation, ring electric motors are very suitable for those applications where a long start-up or often intermittent operation and repeated starts are required. This type of electric motor is most often used to drive cranes. And that is why they are often referred to as crane electric motors. However, they are also characterized by the fact that they enable the control of a large moment of inertia, thanks to which, for example, they can be used to drive dispensers, crushers and mills.

We choose a ring electric motor exactly for your needs

When choosing a ring electric motor, we recommend orienting exactly according to the intended use. It is therefore necessary to define the requirements for power, speed, mounting design and axle height. Ring electric motors are available in axial heights of 112 mm to 400 mm. While from the point of view of power you can choose from 2.2 kW to 315 kW. As for the mounting version, there are three: B3, B35 and B5. As standard, ring electric motors are supplied with a degree of protection IP54, but on request it is possible to supply this type of electric motor also in a very durable IP65 design.

ring electric motors
Ring electric motors – Pictures from plant area

Ring electric motors are special devices, the selection of which certainly requires at least professional consultation. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We will define your requirements and help you with the selection and delivery of the most suitable ring electric motor.



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